The program “Information Provision and Promotion Measures on Processed Products from rice in Third Countries (North America (USA), Russia and Norway)” was launched in July, 2015 and is expected to be completed within the next three years.

The program was proposed by the Association of Legal Persons which consists of EV.GE. PISTIOLAS SA (Agrino), the First Agricultural Cooperative of Chalastra, the Second Agricultural Cooperative of Chalastra and the Agricultural Cooperative of Adendro “AGROVIOTOPOS”.

The program aims to promote the European Origin Products processed from rice at a sectorial level as well as to inform targeted groups, such as consumers in general, mass caterers, nutritionists, opinion leaders, etc., in terms of European Food Safety and Hygiene Standards and the Quality Characteristics of the European Origin Products processed from rice.


In this framework, the main themes behind the implementation of the program are:

  • the guaranteed quality of  EU food products.
  • the strict measures of the EU food safety system in all procedures and the advantages of EU labelling of food products.
  • providing information concerning  the specific production methods of rice regarding the implementation of assured production schemes
  • increased public awareness of the high level of European Food Safety and Hygiene Standards in rice production in terms of consumer safety and sustainable farming development.